Nuclear fast red counterstain

Immunohistochemistry and ISH require a nuclear stain that does not interfere with the chromogen signal. PanPath's nuclear fast red (NFR) counterstain will provide brilliant red nuclear staining with optimal contrast to the indigo stain of the NBT/BCIP substrate. The Methyl Green (MG) counterstain will provide a brilliant green nuclear staining to contrast with the red stain of the AEC substrate. Both counterstain reagents are supplied as pre-diluted, water-based, stable and ready-to-use solutions.
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Application : counterstain for use in in situ hybridisation (ISH)

Performance :

  - NFR for use in combination with NBT/BCIP substrate to contrast the indigo precipitate

 - MG for use in combination with AEC substrate to contrast the reddish-brown precipitate

Storage : refrigerated (2 -8 °C) protected from light; do not freeze

Stability : until expiry date printed on label

Precautions :

 - homogenise solutions before use


 - avoid contact with eyes and skin; do not swallow